Blunt Classic Umbrella
Blunt Classic Umbrella

Blunt Classic Umbrella

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The BLUNT™ Classic is original high performance umbrella. This 2nd generation Classic is a full sized stick umbrella, the perfect umbrella for those needing good coverage, coupled with performance and style.

The Blunt aim is not just to redefine the umbrella itself, but the entire throwaway culture. Each year millions upon millions of broken umbrellas are discarded. Very few are repaired or recycled, so the vast majority of them end up adding to the pollution buried in landfill sites. This wastes your money and time, and all the time and resources that went into making products that simply weren’t up to the job in the first place.

Diameter: 1200 mm / 47 in

Coverage: 8950 cm² / 1390 in²

Length: 840 mm / 33 in Weight: 640 g / 1.4 lb

Fabric: Polyester

Type: Stick Umbrella

Designed in New Zealand.